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The crucial question is, why were they introduced? It is commonly believed Sport Operation Varizen the aprons or side skirts op schürze German armour Schrzen originated as a defense against Bazookas in north-western Europe.

Op schürze fact the Germans started using them in latei. He was there so he should know and he has pictures to illustrate this. The op schürze on the cake for me was the Kummersdorf testing results which clearly stated in Feb. After the tests, it was ordered that all Pz III and Pz IV would op schürze fitted with the plating at the op schürze and op schürze service units would be field upgraded.

This original German source is hard to argue op schürze. M, with turret spaced armor and side skirts Schürzen Source: Tiger tanks did not get them. The Panther op schürze very small side plates which were probably Schürzen.

They specifically cover the small gap between the top of the road wheels and the start of the upper hull. The large road wheels provided the same effect Krampfadern in den Leisten the bottom half of the lower hull and op schürze the most vulnerable op schürze was the upper half of the lower hull where the track returned look trophischen Geschwüren und ihre Behandlung a photo — there is a large strip of lower hull exposed at this op schürze if these op schürze are missing.

Even Jagdpanthers sometimes carried these side plates. Panzer V Panther Ausf. D-1 at the end of the battle of Kursk, July Source: Turret side skirts were always added at the factory, but other side skirts were added in op schürze field. Which probably explains the wide diversity seen.

Furthermore the Germans changed the Schürzen used on the Western Front late in the war to click to see more mesh and similar which suggest a change op schürze purpose, i. J, op schürze Germany, March Notice the wire-mesh side-skirts armour Source: Cone shapes and materials were also not perfected.

The shaped charge experts I used to work with felt op schürze schurzen would have sometimes had a good effect for the Germans but could also have helped exploding rounds achieve a better stand off distance, given the op schürze of shaped charges op schürze the time.

Jentz op schürze references to German testing documents that only Soviet The orginal story seems op schürze have been based on a US Army intelligence report that listed 20mm tungsten core, Popular op schürze war books on German armor used that report op schürze with a focus on the American view, perpetuated the myth and schurzen came to be known as anti-bazooka shields.

The Soviets usually employed them in separate tank hunter teams. They were deployed in depth and overlapping patterns along armor threat axes and worked to support the infantry.

Tanks well supported by infantry had very little to fear, unsupported tanks could be easy pickings. All the combatants developed devices to defend against infantry AT attacks at one time or another and took attacks by infantry very seriously. Tactically, they required an op schürze or at least an aggressive defense op schürze to employ effectively. Except op schürze the very lightest armor, very short ranged 10 to 30m flank or rear shots were needed, and those required good infiltration tactics to obtain.

Experienced ATR teams learned how to immobilize heavier armor. Crews faced with the threat of enemy infantry in close proximity often bailed out of an immobilized vehicle. Did the extra weight and cost of the schurzen were op schürze in said theather of operations?

However the German panzer forces had suffered terribly at the hands of Soviet ATR gunners in the rubble of Stalingrad and elsewhere. The side skirts primarily protected the vulnerable fuel tanks of the Panzer and Stug III which were located just above and behind op schürze rearmost road wheels which the Russians tried to target whenever possible.

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