Trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung Trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung Volksmedizin trophischen Geschwüren bei Diabetes

Trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung

The present invention relates to a vibratory massage device for the treatment of open sore ulcers, lymphoedema and deep vein thrombosis DVT as they affect the human or animal body. It is well understood that three-dimensional vibration referred to as cycloidal vibration has beneficial effects in improving blood circulation, joint mobility, and respiratory conditions, and relieving trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung. Such vibration is in the frequency range of 15 to 75 Hz with an amplitude varying between 0.

Decubitus ulcers are caused by continuous pressure at specific points of the body when a patient is immobile for extended periods of time. It is known that vibration can assist in preventing the development of such sores and US-A suggests a bed which has vibration means to reduce the incidence of bed sores. Ulcers are caused by underlying blood circulatory problems, either venous or arterial trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung. If the venous system in trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung leg fails to work normally, the pressure in the leg veins rises.

This reduces circulation in the lower leg and leads to swelling trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung discomfort. The skin changes and becomes vulnerable and is poor at healing. A small injury, bite or minor infection, that would normally heal quickly, instead progresses and an area of skin break down results in the formation of an ulcer. Varicose veins, a previous deep vein thrombosis, or primary failure of the valves in the veins can all contribute to ulcers.

The current method of treatment is to cover trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung affected skin area with a dressing, in order to keep the skin moist and prevent infection from entering the sore, and to immobilise the sore in order to trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung healing.

However, some patients suffer from venous ulcers for extended periods of time in the order of months or even years before they heal, if ever. There is an evident need for more efficient treatment of ulcers. US-A discloses an ablation electrode for treating canker sore in which vibratory massage is applied to create a lesion.

This is said to create the conditions for subsequent healing. Lymphoedema is the chronic swelling trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung subcutaneous tissues due to the accumulation of excessive lymph fluid.

Lymphoedema is divided into two broad classes according to aetiology. Primary lymphoedema is a relatively uncommon, chronic condition which may be due to such causes as Milroy's Disease or congenital anomalies. Secondary lymphoedema, which is much more common, results from the destruction of, or damage to, formerly functioning trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung channels, such as surgical removal of lymph nodes or post radiation fibrosis, among other causes.

Current common treatments include manual lymphatic drainage a form of skin massageexercise program and a form of compression bandaging. However, pneumatic compression therapy is also used, although proof of its effectiveness is lacking. Indeed, care needs to be taken to avoid forcing fluid too rapidly from the limb to adjacent parts of the body.

Deep Vein Thrombosis DVT refers to the formation of a thrombus blood clot within a deep vein, commonly in the thigh or calf. The blood clot can either partially or completely block the flow of blood in the vein. Compression therapy is used to aid circulation to prevent patients at risk of clotting from developing DVT.

Likewise, pneumatic compression therapy is used on patients at risk of DVT and this treatment is often trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung prior too and after surgery, especially limb surgery such as knee surgery and joint replacement where the risk of DVT is often greater. In that there was a suggestion that some aspects of wound healing in test mice were improved by a regime of cycloidal trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung. However, nothing has come of that work and its teaching is limited.

It is an object trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung the present invention to provide an improved device for treatment of ulcers, and also lymphoedema and deep vein thrombosis. GB-A discloses a vibratory therapy apparatus comprising a drive unit adapted to deliver mechanical vibrations at its surface in three orthogonal directions at a frequency in each orthogonal direction of between 15 trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung 75 Hz, and a pad connected to said drive unit.

The apparatus is known to be useful in the treatment of various medical conditions. In accordance with the present invention there is provided an ulcer, lymphoedema and deep vein thrombosis treatment device comprising Tabletten trophischen Ulcus cruris device as disclosed in GB-A characterised in that the device further trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung a detachable cover for the pad and pressure applying means in the form of a strap by means of which the pad may be secured to the limb of trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung animal or human and by which the pad may be pressed against said limb; in that the amplitude of vibration in each orthogonal direction is between 0.

Preferably, the drive unit is substantially cylindrical. It may have a trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung mounting a motor having an armature parallel the axis of the cylinder. The motor may drive an eccentrically mounted weight to provide oscillations of the casing in a radial plane.

The motor may be mounted trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung flexible mountings in the casing so that a component of the vibration is created in an axial direction of the armature. GB-A describes a conventional analogue control of the universal AC motor for its vibration device, which control is found not to provide a smooth delivery of power to the motor so that, at some frequencies, the three-dimensional nature of the vibrations is lost.

Preferably, therefore, the motor is electrically powered from mains AC electricity, the drive unit including digital control means to ensure smooth supply of energy to trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung motor.

Said digital control means preferably comprises: Preferably, a low voltage transformer is disposed between the power supply and detector.

A rectifier may convert the power supply to the to Trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung, if the motor is a DC motor. Preferably said number is adjustable to vary the power supplied to the motor, and hence its speed of rotation and hence said frequency. Preferably said counter is capable of providing about counts in each half cycle of the power supply.

Said pad preferably comprises a rigid frame connected to said drive unit and through which mechanic vibrations are transmitted, and cushioning overlying the frame. Trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung device trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung useful in a method of treatment of ulcers of the human or animal Krampfadern Behandlung Kazan which method comprises the step of subjecting the body in the area of the ulcer to mechanical vibrations for trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung effective period of time, said vibrations having a frequency of between 15 and 75 Hz, and an amplitude of between 0.

The device is also useful in a method of treatment of lymphoedema of a patient, which method comprises the step of subjecting the body in the area of the lymphoedema to mechanical vibrations for an effective period of time, said vibrations trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung a frequency of between 15 and 75 Hz, and an amplitude of between 0.

Furthermore, the device is also useful trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung a method of prophylactic treatment of deep vein thrombosis, which method comprises the step of subjecting the body in the area of the thrombosis to mechanical vibrations for an effective period of time, said vibrations having a frequency of between 15 and 75 Hz, and an amplitude of between 0.

Said vibrations, when trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung by the device of the present invention have, in each Helichrysum Varizen, components in three orthogonal directions, said frequency being the same or different in each direction, and said amplitude being the same or different in each direction.

Preferably said period is more than fifteen minutes, ideally about thirty minutes. The treatment is preferably repeated three times a day. Preferably, said treatment is applied by a vibratory device comprising a pad, and said method also involves the application of pressure by the pad against the tissue of the patient. The pad is preferably a cushioned frame fixed to a vibratory drive trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung. When the method above employs the device provided by the present invention, the pad is applied by said pressure applying means to the leg of a patient suffering from ulcers, lymphoedema or deep vein thrombosis and so that, in use, the trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung delivers vibrations in the leg of the patient at a frequency of between 20 and 50 Hz, and with an RM.

S acceleration in the axial direction of the tibial bone of between 5 and 15 ms -2and in a trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung plane with respect to trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung tibial bone with an RMS acceleration of between 2 and 5 ms Preferably, the device delivers vibrations in the trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung of the patient at a frequency of about 30 Hz, and with an RMS acceleration, in the axial direction of the tibial bone, of about 10 ms -2and, in a radial plane with respect to the tibial bone, with an RMS acceleration of between 2 and 5 ms Despite Nalchik Behandlung von Krampfadern apparent contrary indication that movement will unsettle the healing of venous ulcers, it has been discovered that cycloid vibrations have a beneficial effect on their healing, and that this healing is dramatically improved by the application of trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung against the tissue of the patient by the cushioned pad that is delivering the vibrations.

Without being reliant on any particular theory, this beneficial effect may be due to improved blood circulation caused by the vibrations and increased moisture in the upper dermis and epidermis. Indeed, the healing effects of the present invention are especially felt when two features of the trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung are fully exploited.

The first is the three-dimensional aspect of the vibration; some benefit is trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung with two-dimensional vibration but significantly enhanced effects have been noted with three-dimensional "cycloidal" vibration, particularly when employing the motor control described above which provides smooth power delivery to the motor. The second is the pressure applying means, which serves to unite trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung patient's limb with the device and ensures deep transmission of the vibrations into the flesh of the patient.

This is particularly the case given the cushioned pad, which of course tends to dampen vibration. By pressing the pad against the patient's leg, the area of contact is increased and this enhances the transmission of vibration throughout a greater volume of the patient's tissue.

Together effective motor control limiting the appearance of transient spikes and the pressure applying means spreading the application of the vibrations, more intense vibrational treatment is possible without exceeding the comfort source that trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung encounter as the intensity of vibration is increased.

Said cover may comprise an open pouch to receive said trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung and drive unit, fastening means to close the pouch about the pad and drive unit, openings in the cover being provided to permit cooling airflow into the drive unit. Said cover preferably comprises a deep pouch to receive the pad, and a flap on trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung front side of the pouch extending from the lip thereof and having a first fastener along its edge remote from said front lip and adapted to detachably fasten to a second fastener along the lip of the pouch on its rear side, two of said openings thereby being defined between each free edge of the flap and the lip of trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung pouch between its front and rear sides respectively.

Preferably, one of said fasteners comprises a strip of hooked material while the other comprises a strip of hooped material, so that pressing said materials together effects a releasable connection. Preferably, the cover is of impervious material to trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung liquid from penetrating and contaminating a pad received within the cover. Preferably, a strap is integrally formed in the cover.

Indeed, there may be two straps spaced along the pouch so that, if one is in the area of the ulcer of the patient when the patient's limb is located appropriately with respect to the pad, it can be left undone. When the other strap is secured, this applies sufficient trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung to provide the improved vibration transmission. Preferably, the or each strap is sewn at one end into a side edge of the pouch and at its other end is provided with a third fastener, the other side edge of the pouch being provided with a complimentary fourth fastener.

Preferably, the trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung fastener extends along the length of the pouch to vary the possible disposition of the or each strap when the third and fourth fasteners are engaged. The third and fourth fasteners may comprise hooped and hooked fabric material. Indeed, the fourth fastener may comprises a strip of such material along a significant part of the length of the side edge of the pouch so that the or each strap can vary in its position of attachment to the other side of the cover.

The trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung serves to protect the pad from contamination from weeping and ulcers. Such weeping tends to occur when they are treated in accordance with the present invention. In another aspect, the cover may comprise a simple sheet of material having means trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung gather its edges on an underside of the pad of the vibratory device, and render the sheet taught on an operative side of trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung pad against which a patient's limb is intended to lie.

At least one hole is preferably provided in the sheet to permit the drive unit to protrude through. The cover may comprise means to fasten a see more to trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung cover, and hence to the pad, for trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung purpose of providing said pressure applying means.

Said strap fastening means may comprise strips of hooked or hooped material along the sides of the cover to which a strap of respectively hooped or hooked material may be fastened.

The invention is further described Thrombophlebitis Ursache von Blutgerinnseln, by way of example, with reference trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung the accompanying drawings, in which: In the drawings, a vibratory massage device 10 in accordance with the present invention comprises a drive unit The drive unit comprises a casing 14 housing an electric low voltage DC motor 16 mounted in the casing through flexible mountings 18, The motor trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung an trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung weight 22 mounted on a fan 23 on each end of an armature On rotation of the armature 24 motor 16 imparts a vibration in the casing 14 in a radial plane x,y with respect to the armature Because the mountings 18,20 are soft, a component of the vibration occurs in a direction orthogonal z to the radial plane.

Consequently, the vibration of the casing in response to the vibration of the motor is three-dimensional. To the casing is fixed, by screws 29 see Figure 6 retained in apertures 25 of the casing, a frame On the frame is disposed fabric cushioning to form a pad The cushioning covers the drive trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung 12 with a sleeve The motor is adapted to rotate at about rpm providing a frequency of vibration of about 40 Hz.

Depending on various factors just click for source connected with the degree of restraint placed upon the device by Varizen rope location on the limb of an animal the amplitude of vibration in each direction may be different and between about 0. However, a speed control arrangement 90 is provided see Figure 7conveniently disposed in a continue reading hand unit not shown.

Arrangement 90 controls the power supplied to the motor, and is connected to AC mains voltage 92, which typically is between Hz. The mains supply is connected to a double bobbin isolation transformer T having a nominal 24volt AC output. However, a detector 96 detects the output of the transformer T and activates the switch 94 to commence supply of current to the motor 16 when the voltage is zero; that is trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung say, at each zero crossing of the supply voltage.

At the same time, the detector trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung activates a timer 98 to commence counting, the output of which counter is trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung to a comparator The comparator is also supplied with the value of a number stored in a memory and, when the count of the counter 98 reaches the number stored in the memorythe comparator activates the switch 94 to interrupt supply of current to the motor

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Wenn jedoch die Krankheit selbst nicht extern zum Patienten manifestieren ein wenig einfacher. Es ist eine Gelegenheit, die notwendigen Regeln der persönlichen Hygiene einhalten, Kleid bequem, ohne dafür seine Krankheit, und manchmal versuchen, über die Krankheit zu vergessen. Click the following article die Krankheit auf den Körper manifestiert, insbesondere an den belichteten Bereichen bewirkt, dass es eine Thrombose und seine Behandlung der Krankheit von Problemen und Nachteilen.

Zu solchen Erkrankungen gehören trophischen Trophischen Geschwüren und Beinbehandlung. Das Aussehen der Haut von alle von Krampfadern herunterladen Ulzera ist keine eigenständige Krankheit. Dies wird durch das Ergebnis der zugrunde liegenden Erkrankung erschwert. Dieser Name ist nicht zufällig:

Was bringt Lymphdrainage?

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